Sukces /Success

Ekipa Collage Cafe w tym miesiącu kolażuje z Sukcesem – dosłownie i w przenośni :) Moje kolażyki – mniej lub bardziej osobiste – poniżej.


Success it’s one of Polish illustrated magazine and it was chosen by  Collage Cafe crew to make collages this month. Mine – less or more personal – below :)

What you lack of, woman?/ normality and rest

You afraid of closeness/ You afraid to open for others

there are things important and more important/ listen to yourself/ to your identity/listen to your body/harmony/ mildly and peacufully live

choose from dreams

passion wings/don’t low your flights

i mój ulubiony :)

And my favourite: Josephine is able to change herself

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  1. Beautiful!!
    I received a wonder-full box in the mail today!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I will be posting about it soon!!!
    Drop in for Tea on Tuesday, if you get a chance.

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